Welcome to InternStreet

The world of internships is big. Really big. For college students it can be challenging enough to understand the ins and outs of an internship, let alone apply for the right opportunities. College students need a guide, a GPS of sorts to help them navigate the yearly internship process.

In May of 2010, I began a start up venture called Knovex – a company dedicated to assisting employers in their quest to find and train the best and brightest entry level talent on their fields. It wasn’t long before I realized that we also needed to provide a resource to the thousands of people on the flip side of the coin – the college students who were looking for internships in finance, accounting, engineering and business.

In short, this blog and website is a resource for YOU. You’ll find information on developing your resume, making the right impression at career fairs, executing your internship projects and leveraging that summer job into a full time offer. We will be adding information every week, but don’t hesitate to send us an email (internstreet@knovex.com) with your specific questions.

Welcome to InternStreet… all signs point to success.

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