8 Things You Should Never Ask During an Interview

Posted: May 2, 2011 in Interview Prep

There are certain things that an interviewee should avoid saying during an interview.  Your statements asked can send and alarm to the interviewer that you may not meet one of the criteria. The things you must avoid are the following:

1.  Never Initiate in Salary Discussions or Demands The interview is not the time to negotiate salary. Salary is generally discussed during your second interview (if conducted) or after you have been offered the position.

2.  Health Care Benefits-Frivolous questions about heath care benefits can be distracting to the interviewer and wastes time you could be using to sell your capabilities.

3.  Tuition Reimbursement- Many employers ask the question, where do you see yourself in the next 5 years? Perhaps, your desire is to further your education, although avoid asking about tuition reimbursements. Employers may often times touch upon their goals after you’ve been hired, but only after your demonstrate your capable of handling the job at hand will they pursue paying for your degree.

4.   Never Give Negative Comments-Never give negative comments about your former co-workers and employees because this makes your negative impact on the interviewer.

5.  Holidays and Sick Leave- Never ask about the holiday and sick leave because an employer will think you are more interested in time rather than in job itself.

6.  Never say “What is it your company does again?”- You were to have been prepared for the interview, it’s best to know about the company before arriving to the interview.

7.  Never Say That You Don’t Have Any Negative Points- The most commonly asked question asked during an interview, list all your negative qualities.  For such question you should already have answered in your mind. For example, a weakness may pertain to being disorganized or preferring to work alone, and not team oriented. After expressing your weaknesses that you are working on overcoming your weak points.

8.  Never Make Dishonest or Misleading Statements- You want to impress the interviewer, but always remember that a lie never has legs of its own to stand up, while a small truth prevails. Be confident and honest while making your statements during the interview.


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