Welcome to InternStreet – a resource blog and meeting place for college students seeking internship and experiential learning opportunities in the Mid-Atlantic region.  Meet our contributors who help make InternStreet possible!

Lindsey Hollenshead

Lindsey is a senior at Shippensburg University majoring in Human Resources.   She is currently an intern at Knovex, LLC and is the key author for the InternStreet blog.  Have a question for Lindsey?  Send her an email at


Nicole Grant

Nicole is the Training Programs Coordinator at Knovex, LLC.   At Knovex Nicole is responsible for the development and coordination of leadership and training programs for young professionals from across the Mid-Atlantic region.   Nicole can be reached at


Jessica Diehl

Jessica is the founder and President of Knovex, LLC.   Before starting Knovex, Jessica worked at Lehigh University in Leadership Development.  Jessica holds hold a Masters Degree from the University of Pennsylvania in Higher Education and is passionate about connecting regional companies and local students.   She has conducted leadership development programs for over 1500 students and recent graduates.  You can reach her at

Take a look around InternStreet and come back often.  We update weekly with fresh tips, internship opportunities and free giveaways.   Thank you for stopping by and helping us become the meeting place for students and internship providers in the region.

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