The Search is on for an Internship

Posted: April 20, 2011 in Decisions, Decisions
~ Stand out from the crowd in college. It will be very rewarding in the end.~

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While the price of a college education rises and money in college students’ pockets is disappearing, a job is usually considered a must-have after the spring semester is complete. Even better than just a job, how about a job that is in your particular field of study, such as an internship. I only speak from experience that an internship has been the most valuable opportunity that I have had in college.  Not only are student able to gain tremendous experience in a particular program, but also a great way to build your resume for a future career. Often times an internship can turn into full time position after graduation, which is always a perk.  In today’s aggressive market an internship is just as competitive as getting a full/part time job.  What are you waiting on juniors and seniors…?

                                            Where can you find reliable career information and advice?
                                                       Here are some ideas to get you started!
  • Your college career counseling center. The perfect place to start is with an appointment with a college career counselor. Find out exactly what resources your school offers to help students with career planning. Careers centers typically offer free career tests to measure your interests and aptitudes. They also offer information about college internships and resume writing.
  • Talk to your professors. Your professors may have specific information about career opportunities in your field. They may also have job contacts.
  • Research, research, research. Your career counseling center has books and other resources about career choices, and visit the library as well. In addition, surf the web in search of information about career choices and companies that interest you. You’ll want to research types of jobs, the availability of jobs, job requirements, and salary ranges. Don’t skimp on you research.


Always remember, you don’t need to have all the answers about your career right away. And while it’s important to investigate possible careers while you are a student, don’t focus too much on this. Enjoy your life as a college student and focus on getting an excellent education. An internship is just one excellent experience that will make you stand out when going for that first interview! Therefore, don’t let the opportunities slide away from your finger tips!

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