Should you ASK questions during the interview?

Posted: April 5, 2011 in Interview Prep
                                                       An interview is a two-way street.
                                                           (A polite street, with traffic rules.)

At the end of a formal interview an employer should, and will typically provide an opportunity for you to ask additional questions that were not answered during the interview.  Always prepare to ask questions!!  Having no questions prepared sends a message to the employer that you are unprepared. Often time’s employers place their judgment on questions asked. Therefore, employers are looking for questions that are intelligent, thoughtful and cordial!  It comes down to YOU! Have you done your  research (homework) on the company? Asking rather dull questions that could be found and answered on the website you again shows you didn’t utilize your resources before the interview.

Next, you’re thinking how many questions should you ask? There is no set number; it depends on what you need to know. It is very unlikely that you would enter an interview without at least three to five questions on your mind. Have those questions printed out on a word document and ready to present the day of your interview.  Prioritize your questions based on the interview situation and feel free to jot additional questions during the interview to ask at the end.

Some of your questions you have prepared may be answered during the course of the interview, before you are offered the opportunity to ask. If so, you can simply state something to the effect that you were interested in knowing about…..,but that was addressed during the interview.  Therefore, that shows the employer your prepared and thinking ahead! When information is given make sure you express appreciation for the thorough answer that was given. If you do not understand the information presented to you, ask for additional clarification. After all, you want to leave the interview feeling confident and content, not feeling befuddled on how the company operates.


Photo by: Stefan Baudy


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