Is It Safe Enough For Your Employer to View Your Facebook Account??

Posted: March 24, 2011 in Decisions, Decisions

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Facebook is a great networking tool and is one of the fast-growing social networks. Facebook is a great way to keep in touch with your friends and family.  It was, potentially, an enormous source of personal data. Internet users behaved differently on Facebook than anywhere else online: They used their real names, connected with their real friends, linked to their real email addresses, and shared their real thoughts, tastes, and news. By viewing others Facebook pages, you really get to know who that person is. Is it really safe to display your personal life on the website? What if you’re trying to trying to potentially get a position or currently working for a reputable company? The answer is….NO! Employers are taking advantage of Facebook and using it as part of their background check, before bringing someone aboard. It is quoted that employers are “now scrounging through Facebook to see what dirt they can get o potential employees”, (Jack Cola.)  This is not cool! Therefore, you should only post “things” on your Facebook that you wouldn’t feel ashamed of your grandmas viewing.  Basically everything that you post/upload on Facebook is never fully 100% deleted. Check out “Deleted’ Facebook Posts Not Really Deleted.” for more information. (very scary!)

Securing your Facebook privacy settings is very important and is currently being discussed in the media. Just when you think your page is “locked down, very hard”, the public has access to everything about YOU. Uploading photos and being tagged in photos by your friends need to be appropriate. If you’re hesitant when uploading a picture, your best bet is not to!!  I have provided a list of recommendations on how to protect your privacy on Facebook. 

  •  Have everything set as “Friends Only” (meaning only friends have access to your page.
  •  Turn off Public Search
  •  Set it so only friends  or friends can find you
  •  Set it so only friends can see your friend list, education, location, likes
  • Avoid stating your location or where you will be
  •  Only accept friend requests/add friends that you regularly talk to
  • Delete any comments you make, or status update you write within a month
  • Limit public conversation to a minimum
  • Let only friends see your photo’s tagged photo’s     OR
  •  Only allow “me” to see tagged photos of yourself
  •  Check your PRIVACY SETTING at least ONCE A MONTH for Facebook changes


Words of Wisdom.. Keep your Facebook account securitized and professional at all times!        

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Should You Let Your Future Employer Look At Your Facebook Profile? 





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