During the Career Fair

Posted: February 11, 2011 in Career Fair

During the Career Fair

 Your number one goal at a career fair is to make a great impression. This is extremely important if your resume doesn’t necessarily stand out from your peers.  A carefully crafted and professional presentation will ensure that you make a positive and lasting impression.  A few career fair etiquette tips on how to how to present yourself when speaking to professionals are listed below:

  • Demonstrate poise and composure
  • Do not chew gum or smell like smoke
  • Offer a firm handshake
  • Present good eye contact
  • Dress professionally, “look the part”
Communication Skills

  • Speak clearly and concisely
  • Provide brief, targeted answers to questions
  • Provide complete and articulate responses
  • Demonstrate that you prepared for the career fair by having intelligent responses


It is important to “know who you are.”
1.  Know your resume
 2.   Know yourself
3.  Know what you want to achieve with each company’s professional (ie: why interested.)                                       

Photo by Ken_Tanka

 Carry a simple portfolio or nice folder to keep your resumes organized and ready to distribute. Companies are going to have materials for you to take, but avoid taking freebies until after the initial conversation. Make a few notes to yourself if you really enjoyed speaking to a professional(s) from a company.  If a business card is not given to you, make sure you inquire about a business card.  


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