The Art of a Proper Thank You

Posted: November 17, 2010 in Career Fair, Interview Prep

Basic career etiquette dictates that you send a thank you note to prospective employers after your interview.  While it may seem old-fashioned or even unnecessary, it makes a big difference.  Most importantly, it’s an opportunity for the interviewer to see your name again and remind them of your specific interview.   Here are a few tips to penning a thank you that will give you the edge.

Consider an electronic AND snail mail thank you

An email thank you can be sent within hours of your interview.  This is helpful as many companies may be making quick hiring decisions and there may not be time for them to receive a mailed card.  However, still take the time to write a hand penned note (you may want to invest in some quality stationary if you plan to apply for several openings).

Be Specific

Include two specific references to your interview in your thank you note – one particular strength that you feel would assist their organization and one aspect of the company culture of philosophy that resonates with you.  This helps to show them that YOU were paying attention and reminds them what sets you apart from other applicants.   (i.e. I enjoyed our conversation about your entrepreneurial culture and feel my creative background would contribute to your growth…. sounds better than …my strong skills would help your growing company).  You want them to read your note and remember that you were their favorite applicant.

Reinforce your Interest

Be sure to close with a strong statement of your interest in the position.  Employers want to be confident that if they offer you an internship or full time job that you will say YES.  Leave no doubt in their mind that their position is the one that you want.

And I know it sounds like common sense but…….WRITE LEGIBLY!

Hand written notes are  a nice touch, but they only work if the recipient can read them.  I’ve received thank you notes with a signature so scribbled that I couldn’t even tell who it was from!  Do your best to print neatly and if your penmanship is TRULY that horrible, then type a nice letter and be sure to sign your name.

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